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Newsletter masterclass

Over the last 5 years, I've produced hundreds of newsletters. My newsletter for the Irish national police force had a consistently high open rate of 68% for two years. My own newsletter, The Curious Route, has an open rate of 65%. [The average open rate is 43%].

This 90 minute workshop will teach you practical, actionable newsletter techniques that you can implement straight away.


Learn how to make your employee newsletter a top-notch product. Your audience (and your boss!) will love you for it.

In this masterclass, you'll learn:​

How to get people to open your newsletter

The importance of crafting great subject lines

How to set up easy approval processes

How to generate content ideas for your audience

How to organise weeks of content in advance

What previous students say...

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Niamh Burke.png
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Kevin Legowski.png
Suzie Dundn.png
Jocelyne Gervais.png
Marisca canva.png
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melissa welsh.png
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Who is this workshop for?​

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to use an email newsletter for internal communication.

✅ If you don't have an email newsletter yet, this is for you.

✅ If you've got a newsletter but you know it could be improved, this is for you.

✅ If you feel like things just aren't quite working yet, this is for you.

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