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Join the community where internal communicators learn and grow together

Transform into a strategic communicator in a unique peer group for ambitious internal communicators.

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"I feel like I've found my people"

Jen Samuel

Internal Communications Lead

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"The Curious Tribe is the best investment I've made in my career"


Laura Kennedy

Director of Internal Communications

The Curious Tribe is a membership community for ambitious, curious internal communicators who want to make more impact at work while having fun at the same time.

Being successful in internal comms is really hard


You’ve put in the hours writing content, managing channels, organising events, creating comms plans, putting out endless fires.

You’ve tried to prove the value of your work and stop being more reactive and yet you're still viewed as the internal postman.

Being stuck as a tactical order-taker is disheartening.

But we can fix this. You need to slow down and focus on your skills, your plans and your development.


You need people who can help you get unstuck, who understand your challenges and can share their experiences to help you.

What's inside The Curious Tribe?


Member forum

Access to our community forum for conversations and support


Group coaching sessions

Quarterly live sessions to get focused, set goals and prioritise


Cheat sheets & courses

Access to my cheat sheets,   courses and workshops


Community Swipe File

A growing repository of resources, templates & advice


Live events

Live events a few times on month on key comms topics


Direct access to Joanna

Get support and advice all year round from Joanna

Surround yourself with smart, curious internal communicators

Being an internal communicator who takes orders is easy.

​But being a strategic communicator is a different story.

​Strategic communicators approach their work with a business lens.

​Strategic communicators don't just focus on churning out stuff for demanding stakeholders - they focus on getting results and impact.

When it's working, there's no better job
than an internal communicator.

​That's why I built The Curious Tribe.

Inside The Curious Tribe, we're a group of internal communicators learning, upskilling and growing together. All while having fun at the same time.

Not only does The Curious Tribe encourage you to become more strategic, but you also get the benefit of learning from others.

If you're an internal communicator, The Curious Tribe was made for you.

laura edgerton.jpg

Laura Edgerton

Head of Internal Communications & Employer Brand

"Last year was my first full year working in internal communications, as I had always been in external marketing and communications previously.


The progress that I was able to make in 2023 was in large part due to the fantastic support I had from Joanna and The Curious Tribe.


And today - I was shortlisted as a top newcomer in the IC profession from the IOIC. Thank you Joanna for helping me navigate this career shift."

Our shared goals


Fast learning

In The Curious Tribe, you're invited to exclusive events with expert speakers and you get access to all of Joanna's advice and training material.

You benefit from learning from all the other members too. This increases your learning and ensures you keep growing.


Deep connections

Working in internal communications can feel lonely. I get it.

In The Curious Tribe, you're never alone. You've got a supportive crew to help you solve your problems, to give you advice and most importantly to build lasting relationships with.


Focused growth

Transforming into a strategic communicator can seem overwhelming.

That's why we invest time and energy in setting focused 90 day goals each quarter to help you grow faster. This keeps you laser focused on what matters and cuts out all the noise.


Gary McLaughlin

Communications Manager

"For those in small internal comms teams, the ability to bounce ideas off others or ask for help is not always there.


The Curious Tribe feels like an extension of your team, with access to elite communicators, who are all willing to share ideas, discuss challenges, give feedback, and much more.


It will make you more effective in your role. 100%!​"

Why I built The Curious Tribe

downing st.jpg

Hey, it's Joanna.

The Curious Tribe is the community I needed (but never had) when I was working as an internal communicator inside a company.

I had a hard time finding ambitious, curious peers who wanted to share experiences and frustrations and work together to find solutions.

I often felt lonely. Working as a team-of-one in many companies, none of my colleagues understood me or my work.

I built The Curious Tribe to be the peer group that I needed but never had.

This is a place for internal communicators to share notes and grow together. Our profession is evolving and growing so fast that this has to be a membership to be useful.

It's an active, lively community and my goal is to provide stellar insights and advice to make this well worth the investment.

Inside The Curious Tribe, I'll help you by:

  • Direct support

I'm active in the community forum and direct messages: ask me for help with any problem or challenge.

  • Regular live events

I host live events almost every week, including external guest speakers and community-based experts.

  • Bespoke training resources

I create and share the best training resources to help you move from an order taker to a strategic advisor.


Sara Bourke O'Gorman

Internal Communications Lead

"Joining the Curious Tribe has been a fantastic investment in my Internal Comms career.


Joanna has provided an open, encouraging and creative space for like-minded Internal Comms professionals.


We have learned good practices, heard from experts and I now have an international network of IC colleagues to ask questions and share learnings with."

This time, it's personal

I was always frustrated by communities and memberships that promised a lot and delivered so little.

I don't want access to a tumbleweed-quiet discussion board or a set of dusty outdated resources. I also don't want to be in a community with thousands of people where I feel lost and unseen.

The Curious Tribe is different. Deliberately different.

This is a community that is intentionally designed to be small so that I can create a very personal space for you to learn and get to know each other. It gives me the opportunity to get to know each of you one-on-one so I can help you to really make the shift to a strategic communicator.

I spent years looking for a community like this but never found one. So I've built it myself.

Are you looking for the same thing?

​You can join the community any time of year.

If you're an internal communicator, I invite you to join us.

laura kennedy.jpg

Laura Kennedy

Director of Internal Communications

"I have been seeking a community of professionals equally experienced and passionate about meaningful, impactful internal communications for a long time.


Boy, did I find exactly what I was looking for in The Curious Tribe.


I have found such tremendous value in being able to share real-time challenges and get immediate feedback and helpful recommendations, every single time, from Joanna and others.


Not only that, but the time and effort Joanna puts into creating and executing live events based on what members of the group truly need and are asking for is a breath of fresh air in the internal comms space.


The Curious Tribe is the best investment I have made in my career and in myself as a communications professional."

Choose your plan


€1499 per year

  • 12 months membership

  • 4 x half-day group coaching events

  • Monthly live events to learn & connect

  • Access to community forum

  • Group mastermind sessions

  • Trainings from Joanna

  • Acess to Swipe File of resources

  • Access to on-demand courses



€2499 per year

  • 12 months membership

  • 4 x half-day group coaching events

  • Monthly live events to learn & connect

  • Access to community forum

  • Group mastermind sessions

  • Trainings from Joanna

  • Acess to Swipe File of resources

  • Access to on-demand courses

  • Quarterly 1:1 coaching with Joanna

Got questions? Want to pay by invoice instead?

Email me at

jen samuel2.jpg

Jen Samuel

Internal Communications Lead

"I joined the Curious Tribe after coming across Joanna's posts on LinkedIn and subscribing to her newsletters. Reading her tips and posts made me feel "seen and heard" when many of us in this profession have to explain to non-IC peers that we do more than send emails.


I am so glad I can be a part of this group.  As a solo contributor, after joining the Curious Tribe, I feel like I found my "people."


Along with our quarterly workshops, we have monthly virtual hangouts and opportunities to join live or recorded sessions from external guests that Joanna rotates in; this has also helped with networking. The online platform we have access to is a game changer for posing quick questions to the tribe to gain perspective on their similar experiences or share ideas, tips, tools, templates, laughter, and more."

Transform into a strategic communicator.

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