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Want to make the day job easier and become more efficient?

Increase your impact with my Internal Comms Cheat Sheets


I've created these practical, tried-and-tested cheat sheets to help you make an impact with your role and progress your career as an internal communicator.

This is the resource I wish I had earlier in my career; a collection of templates, checklists and how-to guides to help you navigate the challenging world of internal communication.

These cheat sheets are clear, simple and easy to follow to help you in many aspects of your role.

Your internal communication playbook to give you guidance and help every day

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The full set of cheat sheets for only €59

✅ Template: internal communication strategy

✅ How to create an internal communication plan

✅ Template: internal communication plan

✅ How to operate strategically

✅ How to create an internal comms team charter

✅ Top questions for strategic communicators

✅ How to create SMART objectives

✅ How to create a business case for a budget

✅ How to do a SWOT analysis

✅ How to review your communication channels

✅ Template: communication channel matrix

✅ How to create employee personas

✅ Template: employee personas

✅ How to run an effective meeting

✅ How to manage stakeholders

✅ Template: a day in the life

✅ Checklist: creating digital content

✅ How to repurpose content

What people say about my cheat sheets

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