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Where internal communicators accelerate their careers... together

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Organisations want communicators who are strategic and action-oriented to deliver business results.

The IC Accelerator is a group coaching programme designed to help you accelerate your career and smash your goals.

Being successful in internal comms is really hard


You’ve put in the hours writing content, managing channels, organising events, creating comms plans, putting out endless fires.

You’ve tried to prove the value of your work and stop being more reactive and yet you're still viewed as the internal postman.

Being stuck as a tactical order-taker is disheartening.

But we can fix this. You need to slow down and focus on your own career.


You need to invest time to

The IC Accelerator is a quarterly group coaching programme for ambitious people who want to accelerate their career in internal communication.

Do you want training, development, action-oriented goal setting, direct support from me and a way to connect with other communicators?

If you feel its time to invest in yourself, why not join us?

Create space to think, learn and grow.

And guess what? You won't have to do it alone.

You'll have direct support from me and the other members of the group.

Joanna's content provided the evidence I needed to have an informed conversation with our team about the importance of communications training. Being able to point at research really helped my case.

Danielle Doyle

danielle doyle.jpg

Joanna's manner and tone for trainings is friendly and down to earth. I like how she uses real life examples and visuals to bring concepts to life. When time flies on training courses, it's always a good sign!

Nessa McAuliffe


Is The IC Accelerator right for you?

Are you an ambitious internal communicator who wants to level up your career?

Have you tried setting goals on your own without making much progress?

Are you sick of seeing other comms pros on LinkedIn bragging about award wins while you sit empty handed?

Do you feel you spend most of your day firefighting with little time to reflect and plan?

Do you wish you could get a promotion but you feel stuck?

Have you a desire to take action and become accountable for your goals?

Joanna's training is very useful and practical. I also felt really empowered after the workshop as Joanna reminded us of the value we bring as communication professionals.

Faye Banks

faye banks.jpg

I am constantly blown away by Joanna's insightful and valuable communication insights. Her workshop was truly exceptional and it provided much-needed guidance and inspiration.

Suzie Dundon

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How it works

Once a quarter, we meet online for a half-day group coaching session together.

In each group coaching session, you will:

  • Receive a deep dive, practical training session directly from me

  • Have direct access to me to ask questions

  • Spend time together to solve your pressing problems and get unstuck

  • Set focused goals for your development for the next 3 months

  • Review and evaluate your previous goals and your progress.

In between sessions, you have access to a private membership platform to connect with group members, ask advice, get support and access resources.


Ready to invest time in yourself and your career, away from the firefighting day job? Ready to hit and smash your goals?

How you'll benefit

These high-energy group sessions are designed for communicators who want to gain focus, accelerate their career and make progress against clear goals. This is for action-oriented communicators who want accountability. You will improve your skills, build relationships with other communicators who face the same problems as you, and create and commit to goals for the next 90 days.

Get focused

Be accountable

Set goals

Take action


Build a network

Are you ready to Accelerate?

Enrol now to join our group of internal communicators from around the world. Enrollment is open throughout the year and you can join at any time.

Want to split the payments into smaller, more manageable chunks? Email me and I can arrange this for you:

Perfect for people looking to level up their internal communication career alongside a network of ambitious professionals with similar challenges and desires.

  • 4 x live group coaching events per year

  • Exclusive access to The IC Accelerator LinkedIn group

  • Office hours: Join Joanna for monthly 60-minute Q&A sessions on LinkedIn to get answers to your burning questions.

  • Accountability to help smash your goals

  • Fast feedback sessions: live breakout sessions with your peers to talk through challenges and solve each other's problems

  • Practical, actionable trainings directly from Joanna

Core: €1,500

VIP: €2,500 (Limited to 5 spots)

VIP is for the most ambitious and enthusiastic members. This is for you if you want the extra support of 1:1 coaching directly with Joanna and a review of your online presence.

Everything in Core, plus:

  • Four 45 minute 1:1 coaching calls with Joanna

  • Profile review: Joanna will do a deep-dive of your LinkedIn profile

  • A signed copy of Joanna's upcoming book, Innovative Internal Communication

Got questions? Email me at

Joanna's expertise in the field and her engaging teaching style made her training an outstanding opportunity for our team. Trainings can sometimes be a real snooze, especially the virtual kind, but this one was anything but boring.

Janet Simpson


Whenever I hear Joanna speak, I feel like I hear top-secret information that needs full government clearance. Her classes are perfectly paced and packed with just the right amount of information.

hugh o'donoghue.jpg

Hugh O'Donoghue

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