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Key ingredients of employee engagement

Effective internal communication is an ingredient of engagement. Engagement is the outcome you get when communication, leadership, benefits, technology and the range of workplace experience is done well.

But employee engagement can be a bit mysterious, can't it?

I once asked people on my LinkedIn page to define employee engagement and I got a huge variety of answers. Even though many of these people work IN employee engagement!

How can it be that we all understand it differently?

I'm a big fan of the Engaging for Success report which is the OG of engagement reports.

According to this report, employee engagement is fundamentally about these things:

  • How committed employees are to the organisation;

  • Whether employees feel motivated to contribute to the success of the organisation;

  • Employees being able to improve their own wellbeing at the same time.

Here's a 60 second explainer I've created based on that report of what employee engagement is (and what it isn't):


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