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2024 The Curious Route partnerships

🔥Get in front of tens of thousands of internal communication professionals from around the world each month 🔥

My audience

  • Senior internal communication leaders (VP, Director, Head of IC)

  • Internal Communication Managers and Specialists

  • HR professionals including Chief People Officers

My mission

The Curious Route is a creator-consultancy practice which helps organisations create effective systems of internal communication. I do this through consulting, training, speaking, educating and creating content. The Curious Route also has a membership community for mid-to-senior level communication professionals who want to make more of an impact at work and have fun along the way. I currently deliver content in two ways:

  1. The Curious Route weekly newsletter: every Tuesday morning, Joanna shares valuable tips, how-to guides and powerful advice to thousands of readers.
  2. LinkedIn content: Joanna Parsons shares tactics, strategies, and thoughts on the internal communication industry 5 days a week to an audience of 19,000+ followers.


Highly-engaged internal communication audience

LinkedIn:                                                                   Newsletter

19,300+ followers                                                 1,760+ subscribers

4,500,000 impressions in 2023                             65% average open rate

1,000+ new followers each month                       100+ new subscribers each month

With followers from

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Feedback from my audience


2024 partnership package (only 4 spots available)

All partnership packages include:

  • 1 title sponsorships per month in The Curious Route newsletter for 10 months


These are featured at the top of the newsletter (right after the intro) and include your logo and up to 50 words to promote your offer. Joanna will work with you to edit/ alter messaging to optimise performance and use language that will resonate with the audience. Sample below:


  • 1 LinkedIn post per month from Joanna Parsons for 10 months

These are written by Joanna based on information or assets shared from the partner.

Impressions: 8,000 - 25,000+ depending on fit and messaging.

Example below from Piktochart partnership received ~12,000 impressions


Only 4 partnership spots available for 2024. Let’s work together!

2024 Partnership includes:

  • 10 Title Sponsorships (1/mo) of The Curious Route newsletter (see above).

  • 10 LinkedIn Posts (1/mo) from Joanna Parsons (see above).


  • €1,000 per month for 10 months

  • 9,000 up front (save €1,000)

Email Joanna at to secure your 2024 partnership package today. 🙌

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